Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Black and White theme Cupcakes

Presenting you the beautiful black and white cupcakes I made last week. This post has been sitting in my draft inbox for few days. I've been abandoning particular reason apart from my laziness and also I'm focusing my energy on planning hubby's birthday :)


Oh I just love cupcakes...aren't they so adorable? I made 2 different flavour for these cupcakes, one batch of dark chocolate flavour and one batch of banana flavour with vanilla buttercream frosting.

Since I made these cupcakes, I can't stop thinking about making more cupcakes! I have tons and tons of idea running through my head...and I can't stop it! I'm even having trouble sleeping thinking about it. Looks like I've been hit by cupcakes fever! lol! this space, there will be more cupcakes craze in the coming posts!

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