Monday, 19 March 2012

Quick and easy way to make Robot and Rocket ship cake pops

My son and I made these cake pops a while ago for his farewell party at his kindy. Yup he is growing up, he turned 5 and it was time for him to leave kindy and start primary school...I was one happy mummy and sad mummy at the same time. Just the thought of him going to a bigger school environment was so daunting to me...I was so worried about little things he going to he going to like school...what about making new he going to like his new friends...All these thoughts scrambled in my head and I couldn't sleep for days!

Thinking about it now, it was kind of funny hehehe yup I had one of those Mummy's episode!
and my son was perfectly happy! he loved his first day of school and few weeks later he still loves school! yay to that!

These cake pops are so easy and quick to make. I even didn't use candy coating instead I used dark chocolate melts that you can easily get from local supermarket.

Follow the basic instructions for cake pops and use the following to decorate:

- 1 pack of candy jewelry/necklace.
- 1 pack of sour straps or any similar candy you can find.
- Lollipop sticks or ice cream sticks.
- Toothpicks

To make the rocket cake pops, you will need to shape the cakes like the shape of an egg. And square or rectangle shape for the robots.
Follow the basic instructions and now your cake pops are ready to be decorated.

Prepare your candy on a tray or plate.

For the robot's mouth, cut the sour strap candy into small rectangles. The size will depend on how big your cake pops are.
For the robot's antenna, cut a fine long piece of sour strap candy. Make sure that they will fit into the jewelry candy's hole.

For the rocket ship's wings, cut a triangle shaped sour strap candy and cut a little bit of the top part of the triangle. Please see photo for better description :)


To attach the details, use a toothpick to dot a small amount of melted chocolate in position for the ears, eyes, head/ antenna, and mouth. This will dry and work like glue.
Use this technique to attach the details on the rocket ships too.

It is actually easier to attach the wings right after you dip the cake pop into the melted chocolate/candy. I found that they stay stronger that way. But if you find that hard to do, you can also attach them when the cake pops have dried. Just put a little bit more chocolate/candy melt to glue them.

Lastly, have fun and enjoy!


  1. ooh for the robots you could also use marshmallows for those who eat our cake scraps and not make pops :P


  2. What a great idea marshmallows! will try that one day thanks!