Friday, 1 June 2012

Bake-a-boo's new look!

Hi! Welcome to Bake-a-boo's new look! I have been working on this for the last month and it's finally here! I am loving the logo but I'm still unsure of how the blog look..what do you think? I'm having trouble deciding stripes or polkadot for the background hahaha
Plus I'm still learning my way with the technical side of the blog..adjusting the width, finding shortcut those are time consuming! and time is what I don't have much these days lol!

So in the mean time, here it is! I have to make a decision today otherwise I will keep postponing this :p
Let see if I still like it a week or a month later from now, if you see it change again..that means I'm not liking it! (That if I could find a free time)

I can't leave the blog without any cake picture, so here it of my favourite cake I made recently: Garden party themed cake.

Happy baking and stay inspired!


  1. Hello! I just discovered your page... I am from Spain and I am just new to this world, but I absolutely love it!!! and your work is amazing...I just can't stop look at your pics...
    I would like to ask you a question about the decorations...what kind of fondant do you use? which brand? Thank you for your fine work and keep bringing beauty to this world!!!

    1. Hi Ruth, thank you so much for your kind words! I used Satin Ice and bakels. hope that helps! x